👤 About Me

Who I Am

My name is Jeannie. I am Wife to my amazing husband, Mommy to two awesome offspring (daughter born 1996 and son born 2015), and NaNa to my wonderful grandson (also born 2015).

I spent over 20 years in the corporate world before switching careers to stay at home spouse and parent with the birth of our son. It’s been a big adjustment for me but I feel really fortunate that my family budgeting skills have allowed me to be primary caregiver for our son.

Our son was diagnosed with autism in 2017 so he and I have a full schedule of therapies for him in addition to regular everyday life. I am also on the spectrum so I have a unique advantage over other parents in that I have personal firsthand knowledge of what it is like to be an autistic child.

I am a mid-century vintage fan. My favorite color is pink. I love to bake and have a collection of vintage Pyrex and Corelle dishes. I love to collect old recipes and have tried out a few. I am a history buff making frequent use of our PBS Passport membership.

Feel free to follow me around the web using the links below. I am always open to making new friends.

Things I Do

I enjoy making and creating and exploring new skills.

To satisfy my creative and entrepreneurial ambitions, I

Where I’m At

My family and I currently reside in Baltimore, MD, USA.

You can follow me around the web via:

You can contact me via email at   jeannie@jeannieindigital.me

Stuff I Use

  • ASUS Q324UA-BHI7T17 2-in-1 running Windows 10 (02/06/2017)
  • Google Pixel 3 128GB running Android (11/16/2018)
  • Carrd.co for static non-blog sites
  • Micro.blog with customized theme for my personal indieweb blog
  • Gluon.app as my mobile Micro.blog client on Android
  • Jeannie In Digital Hosting for affordable domains and DNS as well as hosting for WordPress and projects
  • LibreOffice for my office suite needs
  • Paint.Net and Canva for image editing